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Here’s A Look At The Balance Problems Plaguing Freedom Wars



Earlier today, we reported that Japanese fans have expressed their concern about Freedom Wars’ difficulty. Following this, a compilation video was put together by a fan, which shows what they’re talking about… and it definitely looks pretty rough.


As some players have mentioned, it’s not the Abductors that makes things difficult, but the humanoid enemies who are said to have god-like aim with shots that can take you down in just a couple hits.


The parts shown at 0:47 , 1:50, and many other occasions shows the player getting killed in a matter of seconds by what should be small fry enemies. While they can still be avoided, things like reviving allies or accessing certain areas can easily result in death.


The player in the video also shows himself being defeated by enemies on purpose for the sake of demonstration, but you could probably see how there were times where it would’ve almost been impossible to react on time.


To make matters worse, there are some Volunteer missions that are in three parts, and if you die in the final part (and it can take roughly up to 30 minutes just to get there), it’ll require you to start over from the beginning.


While fans continue playing Freedom Wars, it seems like the difficulty with overpowered humanoid enemies start kicking in at around the 4-1 to 5-1 missions that are about halfway through the game, where a sudden jump in difficulty becomes noticeable.


Producer Junichi Yoshizawa stated that the development team be looking into countermeasures for the problem in the next few days.

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