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Here’s A Look At The World And Setting Of Langrisser 3DS



Extreme are looking to reboot Masaya’s Langrisser series after it having gone 15 years without a new game. The official website for the new title, in development for the Nintendo 3DS, provides details on some of the background story behind the three main factions of the game, along with some information on its battle system.


Langrisser takes place in an era of turbulence, where war breaks out between the three powers of Brightness, Imperial, and Darkness.



Brightness is an organization that centers around the church that follows the Goddess Luciris. In order to resist against the powerful empire, they’ve begun to strengthen their military. Their hopes lie in the arrival of the one that can use the “Langrisser” when the world falls into danger.



The Imperial faction has a powerful military. They’re a grand family with a sky fortress called the “Ark” that was left behind by ancient civilizations, which they use to control most of the continent. On land, they’ve been working on railways, and use railway artillery as weapons to take over other nations using military force.


Finally, the Darkness are people that don’t belong to neither the Imperial or Brightness factions. While they are oppressed by those from other forces, there are many from the people of the Darkness that possess special powers. There’s a man called the “Prince of Darkness Bozel,” and he united those of the Darkness to lead them onward.


Here’s a look at some of the heroes of Langrisser 3DS:



From left to right: Elma, Alus, Towa, and Rosalia.



Before going into combat, you’ll need to put together a group of mercenaries. Each commander will get to employ their own mercenaries, but they’ll have their own costs as well. Whether you want to gather a small number of elite units or go with bigger number of smaller ones, it’ll be up to you and your play-style.



As far as battles go, you’ll often have to defeat all enemies or clear certain objectives such as getting to a certain area on the map. It’ll require you to put the Mercenary Guild to its best use, then giving them the best orders to destroy your enemies.



There are various situations during battle where characters will speak out as part of events. You can expect to see all kinds of drama unfold, by characters designed by Hiroshi Kaieda.


The new Langrisser game is currently in development for Nintendo 3DS.

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