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Here’s Splatoon 2 Octotune Soundtrack’s Limited Edition And A Sample Track



We previously reported that Splatoon 2 is getting a second soundtrack, called “Octotune,” featuring songs added via updates and the upcoming Octo Expansion. Here’s a look at its limited edition version that was shared on the game’s official Twitter account.


The standard edition goes for 3,200 yen while the limited edition version goes for 4,800 yen. Both include two discs and plenty of tracks, but the limited edition version comes with a special box as well as a blu-ray disc containing footage from the “Haika Live” Splatoon 2 concert from NicoNico Tokaigi 2018.



Here’s a closer look at the artwork for the limited edition soundtrack, featuring the Squid Sisters’ Callie & Marie and Off the Hook’s Pearl & Marina.


Lastly, here’s a sample track called “Catalog Mix” by Dedf1sh the DJ:


Splatoon 2 is available on Nintendo Switch. The Octo Expansion is expected to release on July 13, 2018 but an official release date has yet to be announced.

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