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Here’s How You Tweak Project 575’s Songs To Be Your Own


Sega’s new IP Project 575 will be landing soon, and a final burst of information has us seeing just how the vaunted ability to tweak the game’s songs will work out.


A quick refresher: Project 575 is unique in its music rhythm gimmick in that, periodically throughout the song, you’ll have to quickly select the right Japanese words to fill the lyrics. You can choose them wrong and the girls will still sing it, but you won’t get full points and will also break your combo.


005 006

007 008

However, in the “arrange” mode, you’ll be able to edit these words to suit your favored style, such as turning them into semi-catgirls by changing every reference of “ni” to “nyan”. You can also select words based on different genres such as food, plants and so forth. You still have to keep the words to the same length however. Once done, you’ll be able to save them for your very own.


As a bonus, here’s some of the costumes you’ll be able to dress Matcha and Azuki up with during the course of the game.

057 058

059 060

061 062

009 010

012 013

014 015

016 017

018 019


Project 575 will arrive on PlayStation Vita 23rd January.