Here’s What Happens When You Open A Cursed Chest In Dark Japanese-Style RPG Cross Reverie



Sinxsoft has released a new video that shows more prototype footage from its upcoming Japanese-style RPG Cross Reverie. This time, the focus is on what happens when you open up a cursed chest. Spoiler: it’s not healthy.


As you’ll see, in this particular case, when the cursed chest is foolishly opened by the player after reading a warning from a character called Elisa, the party is immediately attacked by a couple of Crypt Defenders. From there on you’ll see the party of three fighting against them with a mix of special attacks, potions, and buffs, but not before one of them is poisoned by one of the Defenders.


To accompany the video, Sinxsoft notes that the environments are still prototypes and will be replaced with the team’s original art work in the coming months. The sound effect system is also due a complete overhaul.


Cross Reverie is due out on PC later this year. As Sinxsoft puts it, it “follows the story of Eight of the land of Xylera’s bravest combatants who find themselves trapped in the Trial of Nightmare.” Find out more about it on its website.

Chris Priestman