Here’s What To Expect From The Dragalia Lost Kindness And Captivity Event


IMG_2210 The Dragalia Lost Kindness and Captivity Raid event has begun. People can now add Melsa, a four-star adventurer, to their party temporarily and work toward befriending her as you participate in the fights against Hypnos. You can also participate and work toward earning Sylvia, a five-star dragon. The event runs until November 11, 2018, though you can claim rewards.


As with the past Dragalia Lost Raid Event, you are building up to 500 friendship points with Melsa as you fight in the Raid quests. She wields a dagger and is a fire-element character. Each of these quests has four people participating and bringing their parties of four characters into the fight, for a total of 16 characters on the field at once. You also earn Blazons as you fight, which can be spent at the Blazon summon reward banner to earn Sylva, the wind Guardian of the Wood dragon, and the four-star Better Together Wyrmprint tied to the event.


A new Summoning Showcase has opened, filled with fire element characters strong against the wind characters in the Kindness and Captivity event. The Desert Jewel and the Abyssal Flame will be active until November 14, 2018. Some of its most helpful, featured summons are a five-star sword-user connected to the fire element named Naveed, a five-star dragon fire dragon named Cerberus, a Jewels of the Sun a five-star wyrmprint, a Cleo’s Rise a five-star wyrmprint, and a four-star fire staff-wielder named Sinoa.


Dragalia Lost is available for Android and Apple iOS devices.

Jenni Lada
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