Here’s What’s New In Valkyrie Profile: Lenneth On Smartphones



We recently learned that Valkyrie Profile: Lenneth releases for smartphones in Japan on March 22, and we got a few details on what’s new in the classic RPG’s latest version. [Thanks, AppBank.]



The first new part is HD graphics support that makes it a more polished version than Valkyrie Profile: Lenneth’s PSP release in 2006. The next new part is being able to choose the control style, and it comes with partial gamepad support. And the last new feature is the option to autu-save or save anywhere.



Here’s a glimpse at some more screens from the game. You can check out some new gameplay footage in our previous report.



It’s also been updated with plenty of voices from known talents.


Valkyrie Profile: Lenneth originally released in March 2006 as a PSP port of the original Valkyrie Profile that released in December 1999 for PlayStation. The smartphone version of Valkyrie Profile: Lenneth will release in Japan on March 22, 2018 on iOS and Android.

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