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Here’s Where to Get FFXIV Garo Event Gear, Mounts, and Titles

Here’s Where to Get FFXIV Garo Event Gear, Mounts, and Titles

Now that the Garo event is back in FFXIV, Square Enix went over where to go to get gear, mounts, and titles. People’s first step is to earn Wolf Marks from PVP. After people use that to get full sets of gear, they can work on getting titles and mounts.

First, the FFXIV Garo gear, mounts, and titles are all inspired by the series. The Dancer, Gunbreaker, Reaper, and Sage all get their own armor sets. These might look familiar though. Dancers wear the Makai Marksman or Markswoman suits. The Sages can wear the Makai Moon Guide and Makai Sun Guide sets. While the Gunbreaker and Reaper equipment sets are newly added, they all appear to be based on existing ones.

If someone wants to get FFXIV Garo gear, there are two ways. One is to take the Wolf Marks to the Wolves’ Den Pier’s Disreputable Priest. She will give you an accessory for 1,000 WM, equipment for your character’s head, hands, or feet for 2,000 WM, and will take 4,000 WM for chest or leg gear or a weapon. Note that you can’t get Dancer, Gunbreaker, Reaper, or Sage Garo weapons. If you get a full set and wear it, then talk to her at (X:5.0 Y:5.3), she will give you a title. People can also spend Manderville Gold Saucer Points to get items. The Gold Saucer Attendant will let you exchange for Garo-inspired gear that can’t be dyed or used to get the titles. The attendant is at (X:5.4 Y:6.6).

Finally, you can get the FFXIV Garo event mounts from Old Gridania’s Jonathas. For each one, you need to get a Garo title and equip it first. Then, you need to take part in PVP matches in modes like Crystalline Conflict, Frontline, and Rival Wings. The easiest one to get is Ginga. It is tied to the Frontline Fury one earned from 10 Frontline or Rival Wings wins. If you are on the winning side of 30 Crystalline Conflict matches, you get Fame Fatale and Goten. Finally, there’s Raigo. You need to win 60 matches in any of the three modes to get Furious Fatalities and it. You can pick up your pipes at (X:10 Y:6) when you achieve any of those goals.

Final Fantasy XIV is available for the PS4, PS5, and PC, and the Garo event is once again live in-game.

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