Details about the Nintendo DSi are trickling in from live blogs of Japan’s Nintendo press briefing. The revised DS is 12% slimmer and has a 3.25 inch screens, slightly larger than the 3 inch screens on the DS Lite. And as reported by the Nikkei the DSi has a camera. Nintendo has not specifically explained how the DSi will introduce music playback, but it has new features like adjusting pitch and audio playback speed.


The DSi won’t be backwards compatible with GBA games since it doesn’t have GBA slot. Instead it has a SD card reader for photos and game storage. The DSi will be able to connect to a Nintendo DS Store where you can download games with Wii Points, now renamed Nintendo Points. Games cost 200, 500, and up to 800 Nintendo Points for premium games. It is unclear if the games will be region locked and the DSi will be region tied to a particular store.


Nintendo will sell the DSi in Japan on November 1 for 18,900 yen ($179). A standard DS Lite retails for 16,800 yen ($158) in Japan.


Images courtesy of Impress Watch.

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