Nintendo 3DS

My Hero Academia: Battle for All Gets Trailers For Tsuyu Asui And Minoru Mineta



Following the character videos for Izuku and Katsuki, then Ochako and Tenya, Bandai Namco released the latest pair of videos for My Hero Academia: Battle for All with one for Tsuyu Asui and the other for Minoru Mineta.


Tsuyu Asui uses her Frog-Form Quirk that uses her stretchy tongue and high jumps for tricky movements. She uses her long tongue and acrobatic movements for pulling off consecutive attacks.


Her Quirk Control is performed by filling up the bottom-screen with water. Once this fills up for an Ultimate Time, it further improves her mobility by increasing movement speed and adding extra air-jumps.


Minoru Mineta uses his Pop Off Quirk to launch sticky grape balls from his head, used to bind enemies and put them in sticky situations. Following the binds, he’s able to follow up with combos.


His Quirk Control is done by touching all the grapes on the bottom-screen. Once you fill them all up, it activates his Ultimate Time for increased speed and more grapes to his attacks.


My Hero Academia: Battle for All will release in Japan on May 19, 2016 for Nintendo 3DS.

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