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My Hero Academia: One’s Justice Gives Us A Closer Look At The Explosive Katsuki Bakugo



Bandai Namco shared a closer look at Katsuki Bakugo and his explosive abilities with a couple new screenshots and details for Deku’s childhood friend.


Katsuki Bakugo

Birthday: 4/20

Height: 172cm

Quirk: Explosion


Deku’s childhood friend. With a strong sense of ambition, Bakugo has intelligence, strength, and a sense of battle to go with his outstanding confidence and truly believes that he will become the number-one hero. Using his Explosion Quirk, Bakugo can use his nitro-like sweat from his palms to create explosions.




My Hero Academia: One’s Justice releases in North America and Europe for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC in 2018. The game releases in Japan for PS4 and Switch in 2018.

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