Nintendo 3DS

Hero Bank’s Hero Needs So Much Cash He’s Making An Anime



Kaito Gosho is so flat broke that we guess he’ll do anything to earn a nickel. We now have word that to tie in with the game, there will be an animation for it airing on TV Tokyo starting April, the spring season of anime.


This shouldn’t really be a surprise to anyone, seeing as how the crazy cool opening song and game style seems to lend itself very neatly to a Japanese animation.


For those wondering what this game’s about, Hero Bank stars Kaito Gosho, a plucky young kid who somehow discovers he’s just been saddled with a one billion yen debt. The only way he’s going to earn it back—short of becoming a really lucky gambler like Kaiji—is to enter the world of Hero Bank. A seedy high-tech robot battle ring, where everything you do runs on cash. Wanna block a punch? Pay some cash. Wanna do a special attack? Pay cash. Want a robot of your own? Yeah, you’ll need to pay cash for that too.


But don’t be cheap on the fighting, as you need to ensure the crowd is all worked up in order to earn more cha-ching  modifiers and have them throw more clink-clink into the ring-a-ding-ding. Ok, we’re done with that analogy now.


Hero Bank is slated to be out March 20th this year for the Nintendo 3DS.