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Hero Death Is Like Groundhog Day, Except You Actually Die In The End



Nippon Ichi recently revealed that they’re remaking a 2007 mobile game called Hero Death or Yuusha Shisu by Oreshika creator Shojii Masuda. The official website has more details on what the game is like for PlayStation Vita.



The protagonist in Hero Death brings the world to peace after defeating the demon lord, but he also gets killed in the process. Since he was such a gentle soul, he gets a chance to live for five more days, where he’ll get to go around looking at the world he saved.


However, there are still some problems going on in the world, and he’ll be a good hero and use selflessly use his last days to try fixing the problems. On the sixth day, he’ll inevitably die… but fear not! He’ll come back to life and will be able to start over from after he killed the demon lord.


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As long as there’s unfinished business remaining, you’ll get to keep retrying over and over; however, unlike the 1993 Bill Murray film, your character will gradually get weaker over time, and will need to get help from others. If you go too reckless, your HP will eventually just be 1 before you inevitably pass away until another cycle.



In Hero Death there is no way to avoid death on the sixth day, and there will be a funeral ceremony at the end. Depending on how far you get in the scenario and the folks you meet, the ending and words of the funeral will change.



Once the funeral is over, you can go back to the start of the five days and meet people you haven’t met, clear problems that you weren’t able to before, and go to areas you weren’t able to visit in order to see the full picture of the game’s story.


Hero Death will release in Japan on February 25, 2016 for PlayStation Vita.

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