Brave Neptunia Announced As A 2D Platformer Developed By Artisan Studios


hero neptunia

The next Neptunia game, Hero Neptunia, was just announced by Compile Heart, and it is being developed by Artisan Studios, based in Quebec, Canada.


Update: The official Artisan Studios has a bit on its official website with the English title “Brave Neptune” so we’ll be going with Brave Neptunia while it’s still tentative.


The game is to be an 2D action platforming game, with drawn backgrounds based on Artisan Studios’ specialties. Artisan Studios is the first Western developer that Compile Heart has collaborated with. In the teaser, they mention that they hope to bring 3D Neptunia elements into the lush 2D world they are creating.


Here’s the full teaser below:


More information about Brave Neptunia will be released in Dengeki PlayStation on April 26, 2018. Hero Neptunia does not currently have a release date or announced platforms.

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