Heroes of Issachar Mixes FPS Action With City-Building



Players will need to design a city that’s well-protected from monsters, but should danger come anyway, they’ll handle imminent threats using a crossbow in FPS action in Heroes of Issachar.




Heroes of Issachar will have players constructing cities across various provinces throughout the game, putting them together so that the people with flourish while also keeping monsters at bay.


When the monsters attack, or should the player head to one of the game’s dungeons looking for treasure and new allies, they will use a crossbow in FPS-style gameplay. This crossbow can be modified in many ways, increasing damage, adding shields, or firing magic-infused shots using useful items found in their travels. The player will also have a gauntlet that can be outfitted with found gems that grant mobility-based powers.




The player will not have to fight the monsters alone, as over play, they will rescue other heroes from the game’s world. These men and women may add useful shops and buildings to their cities, or they may be able to join in combat as party members.


Heroes of Issachar will release on Steam Early Access on November 3.

Alistair Wong
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