Heroes Phantasia’s First Trailer Plus The Latest Anime Characters


Heroes Phantasia is a crossover RPG that brings together characters from anime series like S-cry-ed, Blood+, and Slayers Revolution. The PSP game has a battle system similar to Valkyria Profile where each face button controls a different character. Combat was designed so you can switch groups in and out mid-battle.


Who’s new to the game?


Melissa from Rune Soldier

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Straight Cougar from S-cry-ed

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Zelgadis Greywords from Slayers Revolution

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Tamama from Sgt. Frog

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Mikoto Minagi from My-Hime

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Drake Anderson from R.O.D. Read or Die

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Heroes Phantasia has original characters like Michie Sawada, a pal of the protagonist who brags about her impressive memory, and Princess Ceriche, the only surviving member of the royal family.

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Michie comes from the real world, which merges with a world where anime characters live. Both worlds are now on the brink of destruction unless you save them on January 19, the day Heroes Phantasia comes out in Japan.


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