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Heroes of the Storm’s Latest Event Rewards Overwatch Players With A New Officer D.Va Skin


Blizzard kicked off the second Overwatch-themed event for their cross-franchise MOBA game, Heroes of the Storm, featuring a new “Officer D.Va” skin for Overwatch, as well as another chance to get the Oni Genji skin.

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This time around, the “Nexus Challenge 2.0” event will be broken up into four weeks. In order to get the weekly reward, players will need to play at least five games with a friend in quick match or ranked match.


Here are the rewards that we’ll see from the event:

  • Week 1 – Oni Genji skin, icon, and spray for Overwatch. Oni Genji portrait, spray, mount, banner, and Orochi Hovercycle for Heroes of the Storm.


  • Week 2 – Officer D.Va skin for Overwatch. Bussan Police Hovercycle for Heroes of the Storm.


  • Week 3 – Officer D.Va icon and spray for Overwatch. Overwatch Nexagon mount along with Officer D.Va portrait, spray, and banner for Heroes of the Storm.


  • Week 4 – 10 loot boxes for Overwatch. 10 loot boxes for Heroes of the Storm.


Again, players won’t be required to play five games every week. For example, if you miss one week you can make up for it during week 2 by playing the extra five games.


Heroes of the Storm is available on PC and Mac. Overwatch is available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. Those of you who primarily play Overwatch on console can link PSN or Xbox Live accounts to Battle.net to receive the rewards from the event.

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