A Heroine Seeks A Lost Tyrant’s Treasure In Rogue Quest: The Vault Of The Lost Tyrant


A tyrant’s treasure lies buried deep with an ancient cave system, which is just the sort of lure that draws in Cassandra, a courageous treasure hunter, but also some other, less savory treasure-seeking types, in  lighthearted adventure game Rogue Quest: The Vault of the Lost Tyrant.


Players will need to guide Cassandra through the winding cave system of this sci-fi adventure game, finding items and clues that will show them where to go, help them fix objects or get around obstacles, and solve puzzles. Using these abilities, as well as a handy crossbow for troublesome situations, should allow Cassandra to find what she seeks, but she can also turn to an in-game hint system should she ever get stuck.

Players will not just be dealing with the old traps and systems of the tyrant’s lair, but also the presence of a few other bumbling treasure hunters. This will result in many goofy encounters between the two groups seeking the treasure, injecting some humor into the hunt. However, there may be greater dangers about than either party expects lurking near the treasure.


Rogue Quest: The Vault of the Lost Tyrant is available now on Steam.

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