HeroWarz Kicks Off CBT 2 With New Promo Trailer & Permanent Gear



The CBT 2 phase of Korean MMO HeroWarz has opened up to players in US, Canada, Europe, Australia, and New Zealand, kicking it off with a trailer that shows the game’s heroes in action.


During this phase, players can earn permanent gear that will be carrying over into the OBT phase of the game. This is done by reaching certain character levels. Reaching level 30 award four exclusive costumes, level 70 gets a statted title, and level 100 gets an emblem.


Players will be rewarded just for logging on during this beta as well. If they log in two days in a row, they will receive a Pandora’s Silver Chest when the game reaches OBT.


CBT 2 is available now, with players able to sign up at the game’s site.

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