Hide Your Involvement With Racy Manga In Wagamama High Spec



As Narumi Kouki, players will act as a student who’s also the writer for a risque love comedy manga in Wagamama High Spec. Things start to get a little ridiculous for him when his student council president, Rokuonji Kaoruko, finds out his secret, but also reveals that she is the artist for that manga.


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Rokuonji Kaoruko happened to be looking for a male member for the student council when she revealed his secret, promising to keep it should he join. However, Ashe, the student council vice president, is against his joining, and this will set off a series of silly events that will bring a lot of trouble and romance into Narumi Kouki’s life.


Players will be able to get closer to four different girls over the course of the game. They’ll get to know Rokuonji Kaoruko, the straight-A student and student council president who also happens to be an H illustrator and Ashe, the hard-working and serious vice president. They’ll also meet Toa, a lazy programmer, and the naturally-talented, yet animal-averse, Mihiro.


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Wagamama High Spec has already passed through Steam Greenlight, and is projected to release early this year.

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