Hideki Kamiya Explains PlatinumGames’ Partnership With Tencent

Platinum Games Tencent

Hideki Kamiya recently took to Twitter to explain Platinum Games’ partnership with Tencent announced earlier this year.

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The Twitter terror Kamiya felt the need to explain the situation after seeing folks tweet “So after Platinum Games is Marvelous” and such in light of the recent news about Tencent’s subsidiary purchasing 20% of the Japanese developer’s stock.

Kamiya reiterated for the record that while there was a capital tie-up with Tencent, PlatinumGames is not under the Chinese conglomerate’s umbrella.

With that said, he explained the partnership in a way that children can understand, in true Kamiya fashion:

Hideki Kamiya: “This might be pointless since it doesn’t get through no matter how many times I explain, but just in case, to put our relationship with Tencent simply, it is like this:”

Tencent: “We’re going to help with funds. As per the contract, we will have no influence on the business so use it freely and make a good Platinum IP game.”

Platinum Games: “Okay.”

Tencent: “In return, if you do make a good game and you want to make a mobile game for it, please prioritize us for its licensing.

Platinum Games: “Okay.”

Last week, Platinum studio head Atsushi Inaba denied rumors surrounding the company’s acquisition by Microsoft.

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