High Difficulties Give Greater Rewards In Run ‘N Gun Game Baron Galaxy




By choosing the difficulty of the game’s procedurally-generated stages, the player can unlock better character and weapon upgrades in run ‘n gun shooter Baron Galaxy.




Claiming inspirations from Metal Slug, Contra, and Gunstar Heroes, Baron Galaxy pits the player against the Gokhans, an alien empire set on galactic domination. To fight back, the player will have access to an array of weapons that can be altered with power-ups. These power-ups can be mixed into varied combinations that will change how the weapon works, adding new effects.


Players can also earn upgrades for their character and weapon by using the Difficulty Multiplier. As the game creates each level, the player can choose its difficulty, with greater challenges unlocking better upgrades.




The battle against the Gorkhans can be fought cooperatively with up to four players. These players can also interact with each other, sharing weapons and ammo or executing combined special attacks.


Baron Galaxy currently has no set release date. It has already been approved on Steam Greenlight.

Alistair Wong
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