High-Speed Platformer CloudBuilt Reminds Us To Pack Air Sickness Bags



Cloudbuilt is another of those Steam Greenlit darlings. The game is about taking the concept of free running titles such as Mirror’s Edge and going crazy with it by boosting the speed to eleven.


Run to the exit is pretty much your main goal, but how you get there in these ledges and platforms and walls with no supporting structures and a rocket-fuelled exoskeleton to boost around in is up to you. Now, developers Coilworks have teamed up with publishers Rising Star Games—who’ve published titles such as Harvest Moon in Europe—to make sure the game gets published.


action-tease EGX_Enviroment_03

EXG_Gameplay_01 EXG_Gameplay_08

Cloudbuilt itself looks pretty fun, with a very distinctive art style that helps things pop out while players speed along. For some reason I’m reminded more of Mega Man with the costumes meets Borderlands graphics than anything else. The dizzing speed however is what’s got everyone talking, with reaction times that also remind us of AaAaAA!!! – A Reckless Disregard for Gravity’s own callous disregard for your personal speed safety limits. How is this possibly a bad thing? Bring on the wall climbing!


EXG_Gameplay_11 EXG_Gameplay_UI_02

It’s got some 20 levels promised at launch—all with differing meandering pathways to get to the exit—and four different endings to unlock.


Cloudbuilt will be out for PC.