History of Front Mission


Front Mission is a mech-based strategy game published by Square, and was initially released on the Super Famicom. Since then, the series has seen five installments in the main series, as well as several spinoffs. Despite its relative popularity amongst enthusiasts in Japan, Front Mission has only seen occasional appearances in the West. Instead of taking the role of human characters on the battlefield, each your characters pilots huge mechs called Wanzers (short for "Wandrung Panzers" or "Walking Tanks".) The first Front Mission game is the only 2D entry in the main series, and utilizes an angled perspective similar to Tactics Ogre, another popular Super Famicom strategy game released in the same year. Later games use combinations of sprites and 3D graphics. When the units attack, the viewpoint zooms up to a cinema showing the mechs duking it out, undoubtedly inspired by Shining Force.


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Kurt Kalata