Hololive Sakura Miko Pop Up Parade Figure Is Available to Pre-Order

Hololive Sakura Miko Figure pop up parade good smile store preorder

A Pop Up Parade figure of Hololive VTuber Sakura Miko is now available for pre-order. Good Smile Company will sell the figure for $49.99, with pre-orders open until March 30, 2022. The figure will ship sometime in October 2022.

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Sakura Miko is one of several Hololive VTubers to debut as a solo personality. Her character is an elite shrine maiden. As such, Sakura Miko wears a stylized version of a Shinto shrine maiden’s kimono. The figure recreates Sakura’s current design, featuring clothes with various sakura motifs and shrine bells on her obi and hair ribbon. It also comes with its own stand at an approximate height of 170mm (6.69 inches).

The Sakura Miko figure is priced about $10 higher than the standard $39.99 price point for a Pop Up Parade figure. The only other Hololive Pop Up Parade figure to feature a higher price was the Usada Pekora Pop Up Parade figure, which debuted last month. Good Smile Company explained that both figures are priced higher due to similar circumstances and apologized for any inconveniences. The implication is that this figure costs more to manufacture.

A prototype of the Hololive Sakura Miko figure previously appeared during last month’s WonHobby 35. Additionally, Good Smile Company showcased other upcoming Hololive merchandise including an Usada Pekora Nendoroid, as well as Pop Up Parade figures of Houshou Marine, Minato Aqua, and Tokino Sora.

The Hololive Sakura Miko Pop Up Parade figure is immediately available to pre-order on the Good Smile Company store. The figure will cost $49.99, and pre-orders will be open until March 30, 2022.

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