Tom Create, one of the companies behind Gamebridge’s Go series and a couple SD Gundam Generation games, is about to release Ikki Tousen! Smash Heroes. No, it’s not connected to Marvelous’ Ikki Tousen games, but it is a beat ’em up… a Sengoku era beat ’em up… with cats.



Ikki Tousen! Smash Heroes is basically Samurai Warriors with cats and a top down perspective. Tom Create loaded the game with cat puns like Minyamoto Yoshitsune instead of Minamoto Yoshitsune and Tainya Noritsune. See, "nya" is like "meow" in Japanese so they’re essentially calling one of the famous feudal era heroes Meownamoto Yoshitsune or something like that.


Ikki Tousen! Smash Heroes will be available in Japan on June 6 for 400 yen ($5) via the Nintendo eShop.

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