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Holy Sorcery Story Has Monster Generators Kind Of Like Gauntlet



Holy Sorcery Story’s dungeon crawling adventure may be simple and full of strangely cute monsters, but beware, there are many dangers that await!


Here’s a look at the many situations that can land Pupuru in trouble:


The Monster House

2013-03-01_130301 2013-03-01_130222

Entering one of these will spawn numerous monsters that will simultaneously assault Pupuru. Not all areas are safe!


Strong Monsters

2013-03-01_130541 2013-03-01_130606

You may encounter some monsters that are too tough at your current level, that not even the Kuusii Laser can take down. Leveling up or finding stronger equipment should give you a better chance of survival.



2013-03-01_131640 2013-03-01_132018

There are merchants that sell various items in dungeons. What happens if you try casting a fire spell on him…?


2013-03-01_132319 2013-03-01_132353

… He destroys you, reminiscent of another merchant I’ve seen elsewhere when you try to rob him.



Scroll of Super Explosion


Using this special scroll will cast a powerful explosive spell and blow up all nearby monsters.


2013-03-01_134335 2013-03-01_134410

… Unfortunately, it also blows you up too.



When Pupuru is knocked out, she is sent back to town and you lose all the items and money from that dungeon run. Learning from trial and error will be an important factor in clearing dungeons and their many traps.




Holy Sorcery Story will be released on March 28th, 2013 on PlayStation Vita.

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