Nintendo 3DS

Hometown Story Has A Demo In Japan


Hometown Story, developed by the creator of Harvest Moon, Yasuhiro Wada, is already out, but we’ve got word that there is now a Japanese demo available on the market. This Nintendo 3DS demo will give you 10 days of in-game time to tinker around with, and has been adjusted to accelerate its initially plodding pace.


For the uninitiated, Hometown Story is about a boy who discovers he’s now the owner of his deceased grandmother’s shop. And then proceeds to start it up with an alien… thing… called Pocahontas Pochicha. You ring up items daily to sell for profit to the obliging townsfolk while scavenging and buying new items to hawk off for ridiculous prices, all in the hopes of upgrading your store and eventually, somehow, obtaining all the “Blue Feathers” of the game to obtain a wish.


The townsfolk and characters who populate the world number a nice figure of 100, rare for such generally simple titles, and do stand out a little from each other enough to be memorable. Actually, scratch that, checking out the characters is probably a highlight, they’re so adorable.


Hometown Story is out now for the Nintendo 3DS.