Microsoft hasn’t made any official announcements about when Vampire Rain and Project Sylpheed are coming out to North America, but Europe has a solid release date their three second party games. Vampire Rain, Project Sylpheed and Tenchu Z are scheduled to come out on June 29. Tenchu Z has been announced that it’s going to come out on June 12 and it according to retailer’s lists Vampire Rain is due out on July 3rd and Project Sylpheed is coming out on July 10th. I’m not sure how any of these are going to sell compared to other “blockbusters” like Shadowrun and Forza Motorsport 2 (p.s. there is a demo online now for Forza), but I commend Microsoft for bringing these games out. It’s a risk to bring out Project Sylpheed and Tenchu Z for a niche audience, both of these titles could have been ignored.

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