Honkai Impact 3rd Spina Astera Battlesuit Gets Its Own Tutorial

Honkai Impact 3rd Spina Astera Battlesuit Gets Its Own Tutorial

Otto Apocalypse arrived to narrate yet another Valkyrie’s battlesuit for a tutorial video. This time it is for the new Honkai Impact 3rd Spina Astera battlesuit for Rita Rossweisse. It goes over the S-rank MECH-type’s moveset, explaining various combos and tactics. After that, it discusses how she could work with other characters and offers Elysian Realm insight.

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As with the Durandal Palatinus Equinox tutorial that appeared on February 24, 2022, things start with a look at what this battlesuit can do. Rita specializes in fire-type damage. All of her attacks build on that. There’s also an Astral Harness state, which can increase her power.

Once again, the latter portion of the Spina Astera video goes over a possible team composition for the battlesuit and Elysian Realm tips. After the 2:40 mark, it suggests how it could work alongside Raven’s Midnight Absinthe and Fu Hua’s Azure Empyrea. It shows how both of their Ultimates can enhance Rita’s attacks.

As for Elysian Realm, both Blessing of Searing Edge and Blessing of Shining Circle are recommended. The two suggested support battlesuits are Bronya’s Valkyrie Chariot and, again, Fu Hua’s Azure Empyrea.

Honkai Impact 3rd is available for the PC and mobile devices, and the Spina Astera battlesuit can be earned for free during a new 5.5 update Spring Treasure event.

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