Honkai Impact Anime Short Explores the Flame-Chasers’ End

Honkai Impact Anime Short

HoYoVerse released a new short film based on Honkai Impact 3rd. Titled “Because of You”, the Honkai Impact anime short explores the “wrap-up” of the Elysian Realm for the Thirteen Flame Chasers. The short stars Elysia (a.k.a. Miss Pink Elf), who was introduced alongside the Elysian Realm game mode in 2021..

Check out the short below. The short uses Chinese voices, and English subtitles are available via the closed captions. The theme song of the Honkai Impact anime short is “TruE”, produced by the HOYO-MiX and performed by vocalist Yellow Zero.

Note that the Honkai Impact anime short contains spoilers for the game’s Elysian Realm story.

The short shows Elysia fighting alone on the verge of defeat. Consumed by the giant enemy, she contacts the presences of the other Flame-Chasers. Elysia draws on their power to achieve victory, closing out her companions’ legacy and allowing all to move forward. Besides Elysia herself, Aponia, Eden, Vill-V, Su, Griseo, Mobius, Pardofelis, Kosma, Kalpas, Kevin, Sakura, and Hua all appear in the short briefly.

Honkai Impact 3rd is available on mobile devices and on PC. The seasonal event, Summer Survival Rhapsody, went live on August 11, 2022, and includes a free outfit for the Miss Pink Elf battlesuit.

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