Honkai: Star Rail Sales Remain Strong Over a Month Later

Honkai Star Rail sales
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A little over a month after its release, Honkai: Star Rail continues to print money for HoYoVerse. In a chart that Sensor Tower released for mobile games’ sales between May 18, 2023 and May 24, 2023, it shows that Honkai: Star Rail was the second highest-grossing mobile game during that period. Not only is there a decrease in downloads, but it also made 3% less than last week. [Thanks, 4Gamer!]

The Top 10 highest-grossing mobile games for May 18-24, 2023 are:

  1. Uma Musume: Pretty Derby
  2. Honkai: Star Rail
  3. Goddess of Victory: NIKKE
  4. Monster Strike
  5. One Piece: Bounty Rush
  6. Puzzle & Dragons
  7. Arknights
  8. Fate/Grand Order
  9. Blue Archive
  10. Genshin Impact

The chart also included comparisons in number of downloads and sales differences between this week and the last. A number that stands out is Arknights, which saw a 56% increase in downloads and a 917% increase in revenue.

In a more detailed look at the chart from Sensor Tower, we can also see a few differences between Genshin Impact and Honkai: Star Rail’s revenue trends. Honkai: Star Rail started making less money per day around May 24, 2023. However, that was around the same time that Genshin Impact version 3.7 launched. There is the possibility that HoYoVerse did this on purpose so they do not have to fight for the player bases’ attention.

Honkai: Star Rail is readily available on mobile devices and Windows PC. PS4 and PS5 versions are in development.

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