Into The Hoop Brings Slams, Jams, & High School Romance



Players must decide if love, friendship, or their high school basketball career matters most to them in Into The Hoop, a visual novel/dating sim about building memories during senior year.


Yuu Kazehaya is part of Taiyou High School’s basketball team, and they’ve just won the regional championships. They’re going to move on to the Interhigh Championship in forty-five days, which means a lot of training and practice are required if they wish to win. However, it’s also the final year of high school, leaving players with a dilemma on how they want to live out their final days in high school.

Depending on what players want to do, they can build their stats through study, training, taking on a part time job, or hanging out with friends. Players can also choose to pursue a relationship with several other students, but there is only so much time left to do all of this. The forty-five days do not leave a large window for players to do too many things, though, so it will be a constant struggle for players to decide what they want most out of their high school life.


A demo for Into The Hoop is available now on The game is currently in development.

Alistair Wong
Very avid gamer with writing tendencies. Fan of Rockman and Pokémon and lots more!