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Hoopa and Duraludon are Joining Pokemon Unite

Duraludon Hoopa Pokemon Unite

Hoopa and Duraludon are heading to Pokemon Unite as playable Pokemon. Hoopa is immediately available to play as part of the game’s ongoing Pokemon Day 2022 event. On the other hand, Duraludon will arrive at a later date. The Pokemon Day event will run until March 14, 2022.

The two new Pokemon appeared during the Pokemon Presents live stream. In addition to new trainer cosmetics, players will be able to play as Hoopa for free using the Limited license during the Pokemon Day event period. If trainers complete all of the special missions, they can also earn Hoopa’s Unite license which will unlock the character entirely.

One of Hoopa’s key abilities will allow players to warp their teammates across the map. Furthermore, Hoopa’s Unite move will transform it into Hoopa Unbound, giving players additional moves such as a laser beam. The live stream also featured a short clip of Duraludon’s abilities. While details are scarce, it looks as though Duraludon will have a wide AOE attack that will briefly charge up before dealing damage. The previous Pokemon to join the roster was Aegislash earlier this month.

You can check out the Pokemon Unite Hoopa and Duraludon showcase in the video below (starts around the 5:50 mark):

Pokemon Unite is immediately available to play on iOS, Android, and Nintendo Switch. Hoopa is immediately available to play for free until March 14, 2022. There is no confirmed release date for Duraludon.

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