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Horizon: Forbidden West Takes Aloy to New Locales on PS5

Horizon: Forbidden West

Watch out, as the trailer for Horizon: Forbidden West spoils a reveal from 2017’s Horizon: Zero Dawn in its opening lines. If you’re spoiler-averse, just know that this is the sequel, and it’s due for the PS5 from Guerrilla Games. The new game sees protagonist Aloy journeying to new areas, tackling new threats, and exploring new ruins. The trailer also debuted new, more mammalian-looking robotic megafauna, as well as what might be underwater exploration (and a huge robotic alligator).

Aloy is on a journey to save the world from what appears to be a new robotic infestation of sorts in Horizon: Forbidden West, reflected by strange red plants and other forms of corruption. She’ll also encounter new human enemies that, like her, seem to have the ability to tame the robotic animals for their own use, as shown when a group of hostiles appears walking alongside a robotic war elephant.

Horizon: Forbidden West is set for release on PlayStation 5 and is a console-exclusive for now. Horizon: Zero Dawn, meanwhile, is set for a PC release date soon, possibly as early as June or July 2020. The original game and its expansion are immediately available for everyone to play on the PlayStation 4.

Josh Tolentino
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