Horror Game Visage Follows In The Footsteps Of P.T., Now On Kickstarter


Allison Road may have been the first horror game to mimic the style of the cancelled Silent Hills “P.T.” demo but it certainly isn’t the last. This is proven by the arrival of Visage on Kickstarter.


It’s a first-person horror game set during the 1980s inside a huge, centuries-old house in which “terrible things have happened.” As you wander this endless maze of a place you’ll be haunted by the many dead families that once lived (and died) there.


The title “Visage” refers to the visions you’ll see that show you what happened to some of these families. The idea is to learn the truth of the house but, as you do, something angers and comes after you.


Crucial to Visage is that it’s a psychological horror game that strikes fear through atmosphere and environments. There will be no jump scares, no combat, but you will be able to die if you don’t avoid the terrors that come for you.


The creators of Visage are looking for $43,000 in funding to get the game finished in hopes of a January 2017 release on Steam.

Chris Priestman