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Horror Game Yuoni: Rises Releases on Nintendo Switch on February 6


Earlier this week, VR horror title Yuoni: Rises was announced to release on Nintendo Switch on February 6, 2020. Titled Yuoni: Zero in Japan, this game is a prequel for Tricore’s upcoming 2020 horror game, Yuoni (tent. name).

Here’s more info on the game from Tricore:

A VR visual novel game, lurking in the dusk “夕鬼 零 Yuoni: Rises” is a VR visual novel game where players sit at a desk and relive the characters’ experiences while progressing through the story. The story is set in mid-90s Japan when the Internet was still not widely used and cell phones were owned by a select few adults. It follows the experiences of two elementary school children troubled by family matters. Flip through the pages by pressing the buttons and experience for yourself the children’s fear and anguish in this realistic VR space. Find out who the sketchbook belongs to, and whose eyes you are looking through. Solve the mystery in the classroom where you are trapped in the Evening.

◆ Story In a countryside town, lives a fifth-grader named Shuji. Due to “grown-up stuff”, he constantly has to move house. Slowly, he learns hard lessons about friendships and how fragile they can be, and grows distrustful. “Ever heard of the Tsun?” One day, Shuji learns of a school ghost story from Goto, who is the boss of the kids around the area. Because of the story’s absurdity, Nami dismisses it as a silly rumor. Shuji doesn’t take it seriously either, until…

Yuoni: Rises is available on PC via Steam, and releases on the JP eShop on Nintendo Switch on February 6, 2020.

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