Horror RPG Dark Fear Unsettles With Its 1980’s Adventure Game Visuals



Players awaken in darkness, unaware of where they are or how they got there. From here, they’ll need to find means to survive against monsters and stay fed in horror game Dark Fear.




Dark Fear is a mixture of point & click adventure and RPG, using a visual style similar to 1980’s adventure titles. In it, players will need to find items to solve puzzles, but they will also come across monsters and bizarre creatures that will be taken down in turn-based combat. They can also make some allies in the nearby town to get better equipment and items to make combat easier.  




Players will explore the game’s strange locales, crossing dark forests and mountains or roaming decrepit mansion halls, as they seek the answers as to how they got in this situation. They will also need to hunt while out in the wild, catching animals to use as food.




Dark Fear is available now on Steam, iOS, and Android.

Alistair Wong
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