Horror-Themed Musical Wailing Heights Lets You Possess Vegan Werewolves, Hipster Vampires



Wailing Heights is described as a “coffin-rocking, body-hopping, musical adventure game.” It’s heading to PC in early 2016.


You play as Frances Finklestein, who was once the manager of the most popular rock band on the planet, The Deadbeats. However, the game starts with the last living member of the band being killed. It’s then that Finklestein gets a call to host a gig in an unknown town called Wailing Heights.


It turns out that Wailing Heights is where estranged monsters got to live, including “vegan werewolves, hipster vampires, soul­singing zombies and all manner of civic­minded taxpaying ghostly inhabitants.” It’s also where The Deadbeats now reside as the undead.


Finklestein has to get the band back together for the gig. But before that, she has to break out of the town prison (Wailing Heights don’t like the living) using the power of possession her cellmate teaches her. And so, by possessing the town’s residents, and making use of their abilities, Finklestein gradually gets closer to breaking her body out.

Chris Priestman