Horror Visual Novel We Know The Devil Is Now On Steam Greenlight


Horror-themed visual novel We Know The Devil is now up on Steam Greenlight. It originally came out last year on PC.


We Know The Devil is about three teens as they attempt to survive summer camp so they can go home and return to their precious Sailor Moon VHS tapes. The teens are “meangirl Neptune, tomboy Jupiter, and shy shy Venus.”

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By “survive” summer camp, we’re not talking about some Friday the 13th plot involving a rampant serial killer. No, the teens are just plain fed up of singing about Jesus and doing busywork for adults.


That said, before they go back home, they do have to spend 12 hours in “the loneliest cabin in the woods and wait for the devil to come and live through the night.” That does sound a little, uh, dangerous.

Chris Priestman