Host A Party For Drunk Giraffes And Weird Monsters In Partyrs



Solo game creator Shelly Alon has announced that his cute, and slightly strange, party-themed puzzle game Partyrs will be released for iOS on September 10th.


In Partyrs, you play the role of party host and must ensure that everyone who has attended your little knees-up is kept happy and is having a good time. If you’ve ever hosted a party then you’ll know how tough this can be.


This means that you have to take note of what each individual wants and then swap them around the room (and also a forest and even outer space) accordingly. As it turns out, Partyrs’s host of aliens, monsters, humans, and animals have wants and likes as odd as their collective eclecticism.



This might mean putting the girl near the music, the drunk giraffe near the beer, keeping the cat away from the fella with the smartphone, and so on. Of course, no one likes being moved around too much while they’re at a party, so you get yourself a better score the less swapping you do.


It’s simple, sure, but full of character and with a cartoon-style presentation that makes the game seem innocent and joyful, despite being full of grumpy beings and drunkards.


No pricing information has been given for Partyrs yet. You can find more information about the game on its website.

Chris Priestman