Nintendo 3DS

It’s Hot Cat-On-Jackal Action In Gaist Crusher



It’s the week of release for Capcom’s Gaist Crusher and with it comes one final kill video—last week’s Magical Cait Sith Gaist Gear versus Judgment Anubis in the hot sands of the desert. It looks like the real power of Cait Sith’s gear is in homing magic missiles and being able to quickly gain space control via smash-away attacks.


We also get to see the real power of Cait Sith when in EX Burst mode—once you’ve gained area control and pushed a foe into a corner, transform and then use the slam attacks and dirt-diggin’ area-of-effect attacks to have at ‘em!!


Gaist Crusher is out this week December 5 in Japan for the Nintendo 3DS. Don’t forget there’s a pile of toys that will also go on sale that interface with the game!