A Hot-Tempered Little Girl Can Enter Hearts & Heal Trauma In Resette’s Prescription



Resette, a short-tempered girl, and her cat, Gaede, stumble across a young boy stricken with a sleeping sickness in the forest. To awaken him, they’ll have to use Resette’s power to enter his heart and clear it of trauma and fear to awaken him in the Steam release of Resette’s Prescription ~Book of memory, Swaying scale~.




The English version of the 2D adventure game will take the girl and her cat across the little boy’s subconscious, solving item-based puzzles to cure him of his fears and trauma. During her trip across the game’s watercolor backgrounds, Resette will go through a wide range of lively, animated emotions to express exactly how she feels about the situation.




The deluxe version of the game comes with a copy of the soundtrack and an Atelier Book in both English and Japanese.

Alistair Wong
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