Hotline Miami Out on PS4 This August 19th



Digital Devolver CFO Fork Parker has revealed on the Playstation Blog that Hotline Miami will be out on the PS4 this coming August 19th.


Hotline Miami is already out on the PS3 and Vita, and the PS4 release will also support the cross buy feature. If you’ve bought the PS3 or Vita version previously, then you’d already own the game on PS4 as well.


 BsWNTs7CEAE1szb.png large Hotline-Miami-2---Screen-2 Hotline-Miami-2---Screen-3 Hotline-Miami-2---Screen-4


A sequel to Hotline Miami is currently in production. Titled Hotline Miami 2, the follow-up is scheduled to be launched on all platforms sometime this year.

Tim Wee