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    Arc system Works recently revealed Naoto Kurogane and Hibiki Kohaku as the newest playable characters to be added in BlazBlue Central Fiction. The folks of 4Gamer got a few details on the two characters from the game’s latest location test event in Akihabara.


    Naoto excels at attacking and defending in close-ranged combat, with abilities like “Vanishing Fang” that allows him to easily connect combos with simple commands, and the “Shift-away” maneuver that helps him evade attacks.


    005 006

    Naoto’s range is pretty short when it comes to regular attacks, so he’s not the best at long-ranged combat. His Drive attack “Bloodedge” changes characteristics as he holds down the D button, with an added guard crush effect, which comes in handy for his approach game.


    007 008

    His Distortion Drives have two varieties, and they both have quick release, so it looks like it’ll make for good combo finishers.



    During an overdrive Naoto’s hair changes to a silver color, making him resemble Ragna a little more.


    010 011

    The other newly playable character is Hibiki Kohaku, who specializes in a Drive attack called “Double Chase” that creates a clone of himself. Controlling clones might sound a little complicated, but whenever the clone takes damage, Hibiki himself doesn’t, so you can treat them like projectiles.


    Hibiki also has special attacks that lets himself teleport to the position of the clone, making it a useful ability to close the gap between him and the opponent.


    The B button’s regular attack can land twice, meaning you can have simple combos connect in close-ranged combat, such as a standing B → another standing B → crouch B → another crouching B. If you go by looks, he might look difficult to control, but a lot of his combos consist of simple commands.


    012 013

    Finally, the above is a glimpse at his Exceed Accel and Distortion Drive.


    BlazBlue Central Fiction is currently in development for arcade.

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