How Level-5’s Little Battlers Strategy RPG Works

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The Little Battlers Wars is a strategy RPG take on Level-5’s The Little Battlers RPG series.

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The Nintendo 3DS game takes the original premise of fighting with miniature mechs and places it in a battlefield where LBX players compete in teams.


The story takes place in Kamui Daimon United Academy, a prestigious school built for LBX players. Underneath the school is a battlefield ten kilometers in diameter called Second World, where battles between LBXes unfold. You play as a new transfer student in this school and can interact with the heroes of the anime, Arata and Hikaru.


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In the second world, you maneuver a team of LBXes by drawing lines on the touch screen. When you make contact with an enemy on the map, the game will switch to a battle screen that should be familiar to fans of The Little Battlers.

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Just like in the mainline games, your LBXes can fight with eight different weapons: the sword/rapier, lance/naginata, hammer, one-handed gun, two-handed gun, dagger/knuckle, bazooka/missile, and arm weapon.

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The Little Battlers Wars is scheduled to be released on September 26 for the Nintendo 3DS.


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