How Theatrhythm Dragon Quest Plays Differently From Its Final Fantasy Counterpart

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Theatrhythm Dragon Quest is pretty much similar to the Theatrhythm Final Fantasy games as far as gameplay goes, but it also has its own unique board game-like mode for unlocking content.


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In Theatrhythm Dragon Quest, you unlock “Rhythm Points” by clearing stages, similar to Final Fantasy versions of the series. By acquiring Rhythm Points, you can play in the Sugoroku Field, get Sugoroku Tickets, or Orbs used to get more teammates.


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Sugoroku is basically a Japanese board game that involves using dice to roll from start to finish, often with various gimmicks on your way from start to finish. In Theatrhythm Dragon Quest, once you reach the goal, you’ll get orbs which come in handy for unlocking allies.


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As previously mentioned, there are different gimmicks in the Sugoroku Field. Some of them have helpful areas like various stores and doors that warp you to other doors, but there are also pitfall traps that throw you outside of the field, resulting in a failure.


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If you’re feeling confident in your Sugoroku luck, you can choose to go again for a chance to double-up your reward; however, failing would result in getting nothing at all.

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As far as music stages go, things in Theathrythm Dragon Quest aren’t too different from Theathrythm Final Fantasy, but the dozens of Sugoroku Field maps certainly adds a nice bonus and change of pace to the game, along with more ways to unlock characters.


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Additionally, there are Player Cards you can make with your own comments and looks, which you can trade with other players. You’ll also get access to new Sugoroku Field maps by collecting these.



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Player Cards contain information such as your top 3 characters and songs, play time, comments, and various other records.


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Theatrhythm Dragon Quest will release in March 26, 2015 for Nintendo 3DS. The game features over 60 tracks from throughout the series, and is expected to get more later via DLC.

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