Forspoken Cat Person

How to Become a Forspoken Cat Person

Apropos of a game that’s basically about witches, Forspoken has a lot of cats in it. Not only does heroine Frey Holland absolutely love her little friend Homer, she can get to know dozens of other feline buddies all over Athia. There’s even an achievement/trophy to get for becoming a “cat Person”. To help folks along in their journey towards making Frey a proper cat lady, we’ve come up with a quick guide to earning the Forspoken Cat Person achievement.

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How to Earn the Forspoken Cat Person achievement

The first thing to know about becoming a proper Athian cat fancier is that although there are many ways to interact with cute kitties in Forspoken, there’s only one way to earn the specific Cat Person achievement. That is befriending all of the Tantas’ familiars. Each of the Athian Tantas maintained a veritable litter of magically-empowered cat familiars. Your job as an aspiring cat person is to get in their good graces: All twenty of them.

Thankfully, doing so is pretty easy. All you have to do is visit a Tanta’s Familiar Monument out in the open world, and befriend its associated cat.

The monuments look like statues sitting out in the open world, shaped like large cats. Approach one, and you’ll get a small indicator showing where the familiar is resting. Once you get near to it, you’ll need to hit a shoulder button to approach it while crouched. Stop moving if the cat is alerted, then move again when it relaxes. When you get close enough, you’ll be given a button prompt to pet the kitty. Voila: It is your friend, and you’ll be given some biographical information about the cat, as well as see it visiting you at Pilgrim’s Refuges and your room in Cipal.

Each Tanta’s Familiar monument is indicated on the map by a yellow cat’s paw icon. A small purple flourish will display if you haven’t befriended a monument’s cat yet, making it easy for you to keep track of monuments you’ve already hit up. The larger map legend will also indicate if a given map region has a Tanta’s Familiar monument in it. So if there is one and you can’t see it on your map, explore a bit further and see if you can’t find it. Unlocking Belfries and visiting Refuges will also add more locations to your map.

The rest of the guide will show the map locations of each of Athia’s Tanta’s Familiar monuments, arranged by their map region. Hit them all, and you’ll quickly earn the Forspoken cat person achievement. You’ll also gain the benefit of twenty magical cats visiting you whenever you bed down for a nap.

Forspoken Cat Person: Tanta’s Familiar Monument Locations

Take note: Not every location will be accessible from the get-go. It’s best to follow the story along and earn your movement-enhancing spells, like Zip and Glide, to increase your mobility. You can even wait until you’re closer to the endgame before tackling the monuments, if you want to get them all done in one run.

Cipal Tanta’s Familiar Monuments

Cipal’s sole cat monument is found in the Sacred Hills, relatively nearby the Cipal city walls.

Praenost Tanta’s Familiar Monuments

Praenost, domain of Tanta Sila, hosts five Forspoken cat monuments. They’re located in the Dianthus Woods, Fields of the Fallen, Opal Hills, Brass Hollow, and Middle Praenost areas. However, the Middle Praenost monument is likely to be the first one you’ll see, as the game will pop its Tanta’s Familiar tutorial as you pass it by.

Avoalet Tanta’s Familiar Monuments

You’ve got a good reason for infiltrating the woodland territory of Tanta Prav, but no one said you couldn’t to find the five cat monuments there while you’re at it. The Water Gardens area has two monuments, while the Golden Fields, Untrodden Forest, and Moulderings each have one. Be careful in the Moulderings, as accessing the one there will require the use of Glide.

Junoon Tanta’s Familiar Monuments

Junoon is the first place you visit in Forspoken when you arrive in Athia, and is the territory of Tanta Cinta, (former) Tanta of Love. Frey arrives on the Cipalian way, which hosts two Tanta’s Familiar monuments. The other two are in the Blossomwoods and the Wolfwoods. You’ll need to use Glide to get to the Wolfwoods monument.

Why doesn’t Junoon have 5th monument? This isn’t explained directly, but Advik, the familiar tied to the Cipal monument mentioned above, is one of Tanta Cinta’s, meaning her fifth monument is technically located near Cipal, rather than in Junoon.

Visoria Tanta’s Familiar Monuments

The Forspoken cat statues in Visoria will likely be some of the later ones you’ll take on, thanks to the region of Tanta Olas being further down Frey’s hit list. One benefit to that, though, is that you’ll have much of your traversal toolkit unlocked by the time Visoria opens up, making the journey across its hilly terrain more pleasant. The Visoria Tanta’s Familiar monuments are located in the Academy Hills, Windy Hills, Homestead Hills, Inner Visoria, and Tanta’s Demesne.


Hitting up all twenty Tanta’s Familiar monuments and their associated fay felines should unlock the Forspoken Cat Person achievement, and gain you nearly two dozen new friends.

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