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How To Fight Invaders In Nippon Ichi’s Zillions of Enemy X



Zillions of Enemy X’s battle system revolves around using a device that keeps sealed ZX within cards. By using the cards in your hand, you can command ZXes to fight opponents and even capture enemies by turning them into cards.


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Battles are split into player and enemy turns where you alternate between offense and defense. The main decisions you’ll make is choosing which cards or ZXes will attack and which ones for defend. Knowing how to use each card will be the key to winning the card fights.



Summoning ZXes costs SP and stronger ZXes cost more. Your SP will increase accordingly to the turn progression. It can also be increased by card effects and various other actions. Your fighting style will vary depending on how much SP you can accumulate. Having more SP will also allow you to summon a horde of strong ZXes.



ZXes aren’t the only enemies in the game, There are also opponents that also use ZXes. These fights will require a different approach since both sides will be summoning ZXes.


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Similar to other trading card games, these fights are won by taking out enemy ZXes and depleting the enemy’s LP with direct attacks. You’ll only be able to do direct attacks after taking out their ZXes.


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The cards used in combat have various effects such as SP and LP recovery. The ZXes on the field can also use special abilities. Additionally, you can match “colors” of the cards to perform greater special abilities. Combining the right cards and their abilities together will be the main focus of making an effective deck.


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In addition to ZXes, you can also add Event Cards to your dect which have different effects like inflicting massive damage to enemies, interrupting enemy actions or providing defense to the ZXes on your side.


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Some cards have the ability to rank up a summoned ZX using the “Overwrite” ability. Doing so powers up the ZX and can be done multiple times, making them a much stronger force to be reckoned with. Using this ability will be helpful against bosses and other tough enemies.


With over 250 cards, there are many ZXes to be found in various shapes and characteristics. The protagonists of Zillions of Enemy X will have their own “Partner ZX”, who are considered more intellectual than the others and can also communicate with humans. Here’s a look at some of the Partner ZXes:




He is a ZX from the Nosferatu family and is Kaga’s partner in crime. He was originally in Kaga’s card device and has a bad mouth to go with his gangster mannerisms.




Mufuron is Cecile’s partner from the Raikanslope family. Contrary to its fluffy appearance, Mufuron is quite the destructive ZX.




Isis of the Braver family is Steve’s partner. She acts as an older sister-figure, by supporting the talented yet low self-esteemed Steve.




This ZX from the Guardian family acts as a highly trusted body guard for Natalia.


Zillions of Enemy X will come out on May 23rd for PlayStation 3.

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