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How to Find and Join the Starfield Tracker’s Alliance

Starfield has a new faction of sorts, which means plenty of new content for even the most dedicated players to check out with the latest update. The Tracker’s Alliance will now let the players formally join its ranks as an official bounty hunter in Starfield, complete with some new areas, missions, and rewards.

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How do I start the Tracker’s Alliance quest in Starfield?

In order to be able to join the Tracker’s Alliance in the first place, players must first unlock the faction’s initial quest. It isn’t exactly clear the prerequisites you must first meet before you can access this quest, but you must at least be able to visit New Atlantis on Jemison and have joined the Constellation Lodge.

Once you have done this, what you want to do is fast travel or visit the Constellation Lodge and look outside of the entrance. On the outside in New Atlantis, you should see an NPC known as the Mysterious Tracker hanging out. Speak to them to start the first quest for the faction.

How to find and join the Starfield Tracker’s Alliance
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Where do I join the Tracker’s Alliance in Starfield?

Now that you have the first quest for the Tracker’s Alliance in Starfield, it is time to formally join them. To do this, head to the Tracker’s Alliance headquarters in Akila City in the Cheyenne System. Here you will find the headquarters just to the right of the Freestar Collective office.

Speak with Agent No. 1 in the Alliance headquarters, and you will be given your first bounty mission. You will partner up with Roach and head out on this quest to track down a particularly elusive bounty. Complete this initial recruit bounty, which involves explicit step-by-step instructions, and you will formally join the Tracker’s Alliance. You will then be able to take on a slew of new bounties and earn various rewards.

Starfield is available right now for the Xbox Series X and PC.

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